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About Legal Suite

Legal Suite is a multi-faceted software application that addresses the day-to-day needs of in-house legal departments. Legal Suite contains ten modules, allowing organizations to choose which modules fit their practice and can be fully integrated with the company information system. 

Legal Suite’s Contract Module automates and secures contract activity, controls the steps in negotiating and drafting contracts, provides analysis of the legal and financial impact of contracts and manages any amendments. Contracts can be listed and sorted, validation and review can be automated, all related documents are quickly accessed, key dates (expiration and renewal, etc.) can be anticipated, and reports can be published.

The Matter Management Module enables standardizing legal recommendations, monitors analyses and opinions, and provides an accurate view of activity. It allows organizations to list and describe their areas of law, identify the parties, context, and issues of consultations,  and preserve historical dates while also anticipating future key dates.

The Corporate Entities Module assists in managing governance and compliance risk management for managing holdings and for automating the production of corporate instruments. It allows for preparation of detailed records, flowcharts, documentation and event histories.

The Insurance Module assists in preparing an inventory and identifying risks, lists policies, costs, and claims, views coverage and costs, and tracks and preserves claim history.  Files can be organized in a customized manner for quick access, key dates can raise alerts, and custom reports can be created.

The Power of Attorney Module generates custom documents, performs audits, maps powers by type, person, or legal or operational entity, and keeps a history.

The Litigation Module helps create a prevention policy, monitors cases, and evaluates risk and cost control. Disputes can be listed and sorted, histories can be preserved, key dates anticipated, and reports managed.

The Real Estate Module allows for monitoring of leases, tracking property information and conditions, manage leases and inspections, work, etc. It also enables listing of properties and viewing them on a map, tracking all information related to real estate holdings, and publishing summary reports on all holdings.

The Intellectual Property Module assists in monitoring trademarks, patents, designs, and models, as well as managing operating, manufacturing, and marketing licenses for products and services. It allows for listing of property, identifying all involved parties, preserving of history and key dates, and custom reporting.

The E-Billing Module automates the billing control process, optimizes, monitors, and checks billing of fees, and analyzes and manages legal spending. Rules can be generated, customized, and validated. Statistical reporting is also enabled.

The Contract Management Module allows for a comprehensive contract view and traceability of all contracts embedded in each project, precise financial monitoring, and profitability assessment. It assists in anticipating, detecting, and managing risks, claims, and disputes. It also produces detailed reports for each step of the contract cycle and identifies and tracks profits.

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