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About LeaDroid

LeaDroid, founded in 2015, helps business-to-business firms generate a higher volume of qualified leads, using only Google Analytics and your own website. 

Getting qualified sales leads has always been a challenge. You may have an idea of who your potential customers are, and what is is they want, but you still end up cold-calling too much — without having the faintest idea whether or not they’re actually interested in your product or service. LeaDroid uses an advanced learning algorithm in concert with the Google Analytics data from your website to dig out potential customers. Assuming you already have some site traffic, LeaDoid will up your sales game tremendously  — according to LeaDroid, “you’ll get leads delivered to you on a silver platter.”

Mining your Google Analytics data to discover browsing patterns, repeat visitors, and multiple visitors from the same company, LeaDroid sends the best prospects to you daily, via email, and also allows you to view them on a lead dashboard. Furthermore, LeaDroid integrates with various CRM systems to deliver leads directly to your sales team in the platform they’re already using. No scripts, no coding  — just four clicks and LeaDroid is set-up and ready to start delivering hot leads. 

We recommend LeaDroid to any B2B firm looking for more actionable information and leads to deliver to sales, but especially to small-to-medium organizations looking for an affordable lead management platform that leverages existing investments in owned media channels. 

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