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About LeadMaster CRM

LeadMaster was founded with the goal of giving organizations tangible tools to benefit their sales, marketing, and call centers. Through its cloud-based solutions, LeadMaster combines automation with virtual call center capabilities to give businesses powerful tools that maximize ROI on marketing campaigns. Leadmaster is known for its powerful simplicity, SaaS affordability, and scalability.

LeadMaster Lead Management solutions attempt to make it simpler for companies to manage their sales and marketing automation process online. Through their cloud-based CRM software, LeadMaster provides lead management, sales management, email marketing, and business automation solutions. Scalability ensures that organizations use only what they need, while utilizing more features as they grow. Aside from LeadMaster’s innovative Lead Management software, organizations enjoy a CRM consultant who will be their primary contact source within the company. Through its CRM consultants, LeadMaster ensures that every organization is able to adapt its CRM solution specifically to the way that it does business. Since LeadMaster is licensed on a month-to-month basis, organizations are able to test CRM solutions for management and marketing before investing in LeadMaster’s other solutions.

SPB Global, which was founded by Susan Bernard, is a company focused on the international distribution of electronic components. Contract manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers, and similar organizations are the target market for SPB. Since SPB Global is an online business, it faced unique challenges, including the obstacle of qualifying and nurturing prospects. Through LeadMaster’s Lead Management solutions, SPB was able to utilize a centralized platform to track quotes, prospects, customers, orders, and service requests. This helped SPB gain a greater share of the market.

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