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About LeadCrunch

LeadCrunch uses patented artificial intelligence to help B2B companies identify high quality leads with unparalleled precision. Founded in 2013, LeadCrunch is based in San Diego, California.

Beginning with a list of at least 50 of your best customers, LeadCrunch discovers commonalities and relationships among your existing customers. Using the resulting data, LeadCrunch predicts the companies that are most likely to buy your products and/or services.

After developing this ‘lookalike audience’, LeadCrunch prioritizes and confirms the contact information and interest level of each lead with a multi-touch process that’s backed by a quality guarantee. The result is a list of highly-targeted prospects, discovered by data and verified by humans.

We then engage your lookalike audience with your existing content, so they know who you are and what you do before sales ever makes their first phone call. In addition, LeadCrunch offers AI-driven list building and lead scoring for ABM. Machine learning ensures that each successive campaign gets smarter and more targeted, while also uncovering new market opportunities.

Supercharging your outbound sales and marketing with LeadCrunch enables faster revenue growth and frees your team to focus on better-fit leads – so you have happier customers and a happier sales team.  

LeadCrunch offers AI-driven marketing intelligence on a cost per lead basis. We recommend LeadCrunch to any business looking for a predictive lead generation solution, but especially small-to-medium firms lacking the budget for more traditional lead generation, or those firms pursuing an account-based marketing strategy.

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