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LaunchfireProduct Overview

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  3. Cons of Launchfire
  4. Breakdown of core features

Launchfire product overview

Launchfire is a digital engagement platform that drives app and loyalty adoption using game-based marketing programs. The platform teaches employees to become the force behind digital transformation. It builds game-based digital promotions for numerous global brands, including Coca-Cola, TGI Fridays, and Costco.

Launchfire empowers retailers and package goods companies to increase consumer engagement and sales and educate customers. It provides products that boost email opt-ins and social sharing and improve product reviews or solicit user-generated content. It constantly updates its tool kit to meet the evolving digital landscape.

The platform offers a set of digital marketing products that move consumers along the path to purchase. These products include contests, sweepstakes, instant wins, advergames, and loyalty platforms that promote sales audience growth and brand building.

Pros of Launchfire

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  • It has social campaign products, such as hashtag aggregators, sharing, and collection programs to amplify messages on social networks.
  • Launchfire provides analytics services that track the success of a campaign and end-user support to ensure consumers are getting the full experience.

Cons of Launchfire

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  • The platform has higher implementation costs compared to competitors.

Breakdown of core features

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Instant Win

Launchfire’s Instant Win promotions are ideal for promoting consumer action and are simple to deploy. Users only need to pick from the system’s library of instant win games and hook it up to the secure Instant Win engine to gain a branded experience that drives business results.

Collection Games

The platform’s Collection Games is suitable for growing sales, showcasing products, and intensifying the company’s message on social networks. Launchfire has a Collection Game for any budget size.

User-gen contests

User-generated contests give consumers a voice while providing businesses with free content. With the Launchfire engine, organizations get built-in moderation, judging, and support tools to make user-gen promos.

Shopper marketing

Launchfire’s shopper marketing tools enable businesses to improve trial, product exploration, and sales. Moreover, organizations can use these tools to convert shoppers into members of email lists, loyalty programs, and social communities.

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Quick Facts

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  • Sweepstakes
  • Instant Win
  • Collection Games
  • Advergames
  • User-Gen Contests
  • Review and Testimonials
  • Social Campaigns
  • Shopper Marketing
  • Point of Sale
  • Loyalty platform
  • Achievements and Trophies
  • Single Sign-On


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