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About Krato

Krato provides a direct sales mobile app called Journey that helps direct sales organizations grow. It focuses on distributor training and growth through a comprehensive onboarding process and a gamification training process. Krato offers users full control of the app, allowing it to act as an extension of the brand product and not appear as a stand-alone product. Users specify which distributors receive notifications and select specific training for certain ranks. Krato allows users to specify specific groups for receiving prizes, awards, or being assigned tasks. Tasks are organized into an easy to interact way.

Krato allows users to communicate with their downlines instantly through app notifications. Users can send special announcements, promotions, tasks, or congratulatory messages. This feature allows users to increase engagement with their distributors. Krato allows for different experiences for different users. Users specify their audience, whether hostesses, retail customers, distributors, and whether or not it is a new user or a seasoned one. This allows for a very tailored approach depending on the recipient demographic.

Krato allows for providing branded content that distributors can share on social media, sharing consistently branded marketing assets so they can create impactful social presences. Krato enables users to provide pre-made content to distributors to assist in prospecting efforts. Also included are a wealth of analytics to help distributors grow their business.

The Journey Mobile app helps distributors learn how to sell by breaking the process into bite-sized pieces instead of an overwhelming process. Distributors can complete one step at a time and not be overwhelmed. Journey also streamlines communications to distributors and customers by allowing for automatic text notifications.

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