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About KeepVault

KeepVault offers cloud storage solutions that specialize in information storage, synchronization, and backup technologies. KeepVault is the leading solution for small to medium sized businesses providing end-to-end encryption for data protection and loss recovery in the event of theft or disaster. With KeepVault backup is continuous, done in real-time, or on a schedule depending on your preference.

KeepVault protects business information through automatic online data storage and optional local network device storage. KeepVault backups use RAID6 online servers and Windows systems devices. The continuous backup service provided by KeepVault protects files as they change by encrypting data before transmission. For advanced security, KeepVault users pick their own encryption key and receive daily status reports and alerts. KeepVault is highly configurable, allowing for subaccounts within the main account. Administrators can divide data by department and prevent unauthorized access. KeepVault software also allows administrators to set up locks so they alone can change or restore files. In the event of data loss due to human error, hackers, viruses, and more, KeepVault’s fast restore speeds quickly recover missing files or other critical data.

KeepVault’s automatic backup, data storage, and synchronization technologies have the potential to save companies thousands of dollars in lost data. Recovering data from failed hard drives is expensive, and there is no guarantee information will be recovered. The easy to use software was recommended by PC World and Techlicious and used by the television show Army Wives and the film Sex and the City II to increase efficiency and the safety of information for both projects.

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