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KeePassProduct Overview

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  4. Breakdown of core features

KeePass product overview

KeePass is an open-source password manager that enables secure password management for different platforms and devices. It lets users store passwords in one database locked with a master key. As a result, users only need to remember one single master key to unlock the whole database.

KeePass encrypts its database files using secure algorithms, such as AES-256, ChaCha20, and Twofish. It provides a myriad of options that allow high levels of security reliability. Its source code is available to all coders and developers internationally, ensuring KeePass receives major updates and upgrades with each release.

The software manages passwords for any website or application. Users can install KeePass on Windows, Mac, or Linux systems.

Pros of KeePass

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  • KeePass secures passwords on all computers, regardless of the platform.
  • There’s a portable version of KeePass that lets users access the software with a USB key or other removable storage media device like an SD card.

Cons of KeePass

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  • KeePass doesn’t offer customer support services.

Breakdown of core features

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KeePass supports the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES, Rijndael) and the Twofish algorithm to encrypt its password databases. AES meets the U.S. Federal government standard. The National Security Agency (NSA) also approves it for top-secret information.

The software encrypts the complete database, not only the password fields. Information such as user names and notes are also protected. The system uses SHA-256 to hash the master key components, a 256-bit cryptographically secure one-way hash function. KeePass transforms output using a key derivation function. It protects against dictionary and guessing attacks, too.

KeePass mobile app

Users can synchronize the encrypted passwords in the database remotely. The KeePass mobile application facilitates synchronization from a remote site via FTP on Blackberry, Pocket PC, Windows Phone 7, and Android devices. KeePass provides reliable alternatives to cloud-based password managers with security measures to put minds at rest.

Multiple user keys

One master password decrypts the complete KeePass database. Alternatively, users can choose key files. Users can carry these key files anywhere, like a floppy disk, USB stick, or CD.

Users can also combine the two methods. The database then requires the key file and the password for unlocking. Therefore, even if they lose the key file, the database remains secure. Moreover, users can lock the database to the current Windows user account. The database becomes accessible only to the person who created it.

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  • Safari browser
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  • Salesforce plugins


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