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Product Quick Facts

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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About KashFlow

KashFlow, a London-based company created in 2005, provides an online accounting software specifically designed for small business financial management. Users enter data, and KashFlow’s intuitive program automatically creates and manages reports and documents including invoices, quotes and estimates, purchase history and receipts, banking statements and VAT returns.

Once a business logs a list of customers into the database, KashFlow’s online invoice software customizes, edits and automatically issues invoices as needed. The credit control feature tracks payments upon receipt and sends pre-written reminder letters to all customers with overdue payments. KashFlow’s online accounting software also organizes both personal and business banking, allowing users to view account balances, set up repeat transactions and record transfers between accounts.

All online bookkeeping features and add-ons are completely customizable with KashFlow. For those businesses with pre-existing bookkeeping applications in place, KashFlow provides secure integration and, because KashFlow is a cloud-based software, businesses have the benefit of accessing their financial information from any location.

KashFlow was created for those unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the details of accounting. Perfection Bridal and Mensware, a privately owned UK-based business, uses KashFlow as an easy solution for all accounting purposes. The owner needed a program that was iPad friendly and could connect with his accountant and bookkeeper, both who work remotely. By using Kashflow’s customizable online accounting software, all employees are able to stay up to date on the business’s bookkeeping and the owner is able to make well-informed financial decisions to help increase his sales and the overall success of his shop.

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