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About Kaseya Cloud Computing

Kaseya is an international IT company headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland that provides IT management solutions to a number of industries including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, education, government, media, technology, and finance. The company offers a variety of products focusing primarilyon IT management and cloud solutions for businesses, enterprises, and managed services providers (MSP).

Users running Kaseya’s cloud solution rely on a network and cloud monitoring system called Traverse, which gives administrators complete control of their cloud storage and data backup solutions. These solutions feature the normal set of tools found in many similar services, such as instant backup and recovery and access from anywhere at any time. Kaseya’s cloud storage and data management capability provides high levels of control to IT teams in businesses large or small. A unique feature of Kaseya is its advanced system learning capability. The cloud software is able to define and remember normal IT pattern behaviors of a particular user so that only true anomalies or discrepancies raise an alert.

Kaseya’s cloud and networking management enables businesses to do more with the data they have. Lifeline of Ohio, a medical human organ procurement organization, partnered with Kaseya to solve its IT problems. It relies on Kaseya’s cloud and network management systems to manage all IT needs of the company, from monitoring to antivirus control. With a single data management system in place, data is more readily accessible and easier to use. Now laptops and computer systems used by coordinators are optimally set up to ensure they can qualify donors and recover organs efficiently.

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