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About Kaseya

Kaseya is dedicated to helping its clients remotely manage and control their IT. Over 10,000 different clients use Kaseya’s services, in a wide range of industries and sizes. It has a presence in over 20 countries, and offers many different configurations in order to assist companies in controlling their employee’s mobile devices with minimal dedicated resources and security risk. Kaseya has been utilized by organizations such as Gonzaga University, Redbox, Staples, the USO, the University of Kentucky, and Virginia Tech University.

Kasaya’s mobile device management system works with iOS devices, Android devices, and Blackberry. It also allows companies to use other Kaseya offerings, and monitor multiple data streams through one unified dashboard. This makes remote device monitoring easy. The system also allows IT to automate email settings and configurations to one or multiple devices. It can force an alarm sound to emanate from a device that may be misplaced, and can track the location of mobile devices in real time to help prevent theft. Such devices can be locked, reset, or wiped if stolen or compromised. In addition, the system can collect inventory information from devices in a central location where administrators can enjoy a network view of their system.

Gonzaga University was having a difficult time managing its huge network of PCs, servers, and mobile devices, with only a small IT staff. After deploying Kasaya’s services, the administrators were better able to update applications and keep Gonzaga’s network running smoothly while providing the access necessary to complete daily operations.

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