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About KanbanFlow

CodeKick AB is the producer of the widely used real-time collaboration and lean project management software KanbanFlow. CodeKick AB is a small, limited liability software company located in Gothenburg, Sweden that specializes in the research, design, development and deployment of programs and applications. 

The KanbanFlow lean project management tool offers a visual interface known as a “board”, designed to give users an overview of current work situations, allowing all users to see what other team members are working on and what has been completed. Changes made on the board are visible in real-time to all team members, aiding efficient collaboration. KanbanFlow’s built-for-speed system is designed to minimize load times. KanbanFlow’s simplicity also extends to its user interface, and the company promises that it takes less than two minutes to learn how to use KanbanFlow. This project management software solution offers a mobile app as well and is compatible with Android, Windows Phone, iPhone and most other smartphones. The KanbanFlow lean project management tool also offers time tracking with Pomodoro so you can track and measure interruptions in your work flow and improve time management. The free version of KanbanFlow allows access and use without limits on the number of users or boards, and there is a premium plan available for organizations that require more functionality and faster support.

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