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KallidusProduct Overview

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Kallidus product overview

Kallidus is an all-in-one learning, recruitment, performance, and talent management platform. Its suite of HR and learning and development software supports the entire employee lifecycle and gives organizations everything they need to thrive. It helps organizations that understand that engaged people power their growth and success.

For every step of the lifecycle, Kallidus empowers the business to find and keep the best people with intuitive people tools and insights that drive success. The software allows clients to nurture their teams, guaranteeing a productive workforce, from attracting top talent and guiding them with onboarding to driving a continuous learning and development culture.

Kallidus enables organizational growth and adapting to business change via a dedicated success and support team. It brings insights and analytics, compliance, and reporting to prove ROI, as well as highlight areas for improvement. Kallidus works with companies of all sizes in all sectors to streamline people processes and ensure customers always have the right people in the right roles at the right time.

Pros of Kallidus

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  • It provides a Customer Experience Manager who will assist the business every step of the way, making sure it meets strategic goals.
  • It offers users unlimited access to The Academy, its learning hub. The Academy has everything required to upskill new admins and maintain employees’ product knowledge. This learning hub also has top tips and industry insights.

Cons of Kallidus

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  • Some users encountered difficulties updating user profiles in Kallidus.

Breakdown of core features

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Applicant tracking system

Kallidus Recruit gives clear views of candidate progress from application to job offers, allowing hiring managers to have complete control – whether recruiting one person or a whole team. With this ATS, recruitment teams can screen and rate applications, share feedback with colleagues, schedule interviews, and automate rejections. Kallidus Recruit also facilitates bulk email and SMS sending for candidate engagement campaigns and automated emails for approval/rejection.

Interview self-scheduling

Self-scheduling lets recruiters invite candidates to pick their own interview time/date slots in Kallidus. The system sends an email to the candidate asking them to log in and select an interview schedule from the slots available. Recruiters can choose the interview duration and the gap between interviews. Additionally, users can include multiple interviewers who will receive calendar invites upon interview confirmation.


HR teams can automate pre-boarding and onboarding processes in Kallidus to save time and complete the information and resources employees need for their new roles. The onboarding feature also enables organizations to introduce new starters to the company, culture, and team before their start date. Automating onboarding tasks and workflows reduces manual admin.

Learning and development

The platform’s modern learning management system makes learning simple and effective. It encourages self-led learning to deliver the L&D goals of the business and the team. Organizations can provide people with the correct tools to take their performance to the next level. Users can also access training wherever they are.

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  • Learning and development
  • Applicant tracking system
  • Candidate portal
  • Agency portal
  • CV parser
  • Performance management
  • Compliance
  • eLearning
  • Onboarding and offboarding
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee lifecycle management
  • Interview self-scheduling
  • Learning hub


  • Sapling
  • Slack
  • Lattice
  • Sapia
  • Tazio
  • Facebook
  • Adobe Sign
  • Vacancy Poster
  • Indeed
  • Cappfinity
  • API integrations


  • English