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About JustCloud

JustCloud provides cloud storage, data management and security to individuals and businesses. Promising simple, fast, and secure access, JustCloud will automatically backup any files stored on the system. JustCloud has positioned itself as a competitor to major cloud storage providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive.

JustCloud offers full-service cloud storage to individuals and businesses alike, including unlimited online storage as one of its services – a feature that differentiates the company from its competition. JustCloud provides numerous methods for its clients to customize and set up their cloud storage system to their preferences. With JustCloud, files can be accessed from anywhere, multiple computers can be synced, files can be shared with others who are not on the JustCloud service, and backups are 100 percent automated. Additionally, JustCloud encrypts all of its files with 256-bit encryption, which allows for tracking of stolen laptops or devices, gives businesses an administrative control panel, and offers 24/7 technical support. JustCloud also provides a variety of mobile device apps so that their cloud services can be accessed and utilized on the go.

Equipped with numerous advantages, JustCloud’s professional cloud storage services offer individuals and businesses an attractive backup solution. Businesses can effectively increase productivity with JustCloud’s mobile apps, while the convenient ability to sync folders and organize data from any location allows users to streamline project data and more efficiently manage their time. JustCloud has an intuitive, user-friendly interface that allows for simple adoption of cloud backup by employees and IT departments, and the unlimited data storage capability allows for flexibility and business growth.

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