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About JReport

JReport is the business intelligence developed by Jinfonet Software that empowers developers and users to create advanced dashboards, reports, and embedded analytics. JReport enables users to embed reports and analytics within their applications. JReport can be integrated as a natural extension of existing applications delivering interactive Web reports, dashboards, and charts to provide analysis. Applications will be able to take advantage of JReport’s intuitive, customizable interfaces for accessing and interacting with business-critical information.

The ability to analyze data is enabled by JReport’s interactive functionality. The Web and iOS-based report presentations serve the end user with dynamic, actionable data that can be quickly and easily reshaped via interactions such as filter, sort, drill down, pivot, slice & dice, rotate, and convert for unmatched flexibility and insight to your data. JReport maximizes reporting value.

JReport empowers the business user by putting self-service discovery and report building capabilities in their hands. When critical reports are needed for immediate business decisions there is no need to rely on IT. Ad hoc reporting and analysis is carried out via a simple UI, without the need for special training or knowledge of database schemas or query languages. Reports can be created on the fly via the Web and interacted with locally or remotely on an iOS device.

Developers can use JReport to address reporting requirements quickly and accurately. The intuitive visual design environment, robust APIs, reusable report components and hundreds of prebuilt objects, charts, and crosstabs enable a rapid design environment for even the most sophisticated reports and visualizations. JReport is designed to expand as a business’s needs grow, whether there is a requirement for cloud operations, big data, or burst reporting. JReport scales for enterprise initiatives calling for fast and sophisticated analytics.

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