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About JobNimbus CRM

JobNimbus was founded with the simple goal of helping contractors take control of their jobs through project management. With the help, guidance, and cooperation from some of the industry’s leading trainers, JobNimbus is committed to helping contractors and small businesses manage projects, tasks, and contacts for improved efficiency and productivity.

JobNimbus is a CRM solution that is unique because of its innovative project management software. By combining project management and customer relationship into a single platform, JobNimbus simplifies the responsibility of keeping track of jobs, contacts, and tasks. JobNimbus is a cloud-based solution that allows users to access their data from anywhere. Task management makes it simple to assign and track employees’ assignments, which eliminates confusion, clutter, and wasted time through a customized workflow solution. Internal communication tools ensure that no task falls through the cracks, and clients receive the products and services they deserve. JobNimbus creates professional documents, populates templates automatically, and even allows customers to sign documents digitally. Time estimates and timers can be set on tasks, ensuring that each task progresses according to schedule.

The University of Bradford released a study detailing the benefits and value of conference calling, focused workflow processes, and CRM integration. The study shows that CRM solutions such as JobNimbus have helped small businesses, contractors, and major firms alike better handle their customer relations. Through JobNimbus, businesses experience up to 60 percent more follow-up time with their clients and potential leads with a 35 percent reduction in employee costs.

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