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JobAdderProduct Overview

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  2. Pros of JobAdder
  3. Cons of JobAdder
  4. Breakdown of core features

JobAdder product overview

JobAdder is a cloud-based recruitment management platform for staffing agencies and in-house corporate hiring teams. The solution can be accessed using a web browser on any internet-enabled device. Recruiters are allowed to manage job orders, match applications to jobs, and track candidates’ progress. Job ads can be posted to a variety of job boards and social media websites. Candidates’ performance and communication are recorded and managed in the app.

Task management features schedule, manage, and prioritize tasks and set reminders for task completion. Other features include resume parsing, candidate searching, and internal candidate searches. The software allows users to define their own workflows. JobAdder offers integrated email plugins for Gmail, Outlook, and Office for managing both contacts and communications. Other features offered include online training tools, a website builder and online timesheets.

Pros of JobAdder

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  • Live customer support
  • Automated job posting
  • Applicant tracking system

Cons of JobAdder

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  • Learning curve
  • Detailed reporting may be difficult to work with

Breakdown of core features

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Human Support

Human Support team is on call 24/6 to provide support every step of the way.

Job Posting and Recruitment Automation

Streamline and automate the time-consuming tasks of posting job ads on multiple websites and manually entering candidate details. Jobs are posted on thousands of job boards and social media platforms.

Applicant Tracking System

JobAdder’s all-in-one system tracks and manages all the candidates who have applied for jobs. Applicant details are automatically captured and loaded for review. Users can easily view job applicants, review their resumes, interview them, and track the progress throughout the recruitment cycle.

(Last updated on 02/02/2022 by Pam Van Loon)

Quick Facts

  • Industry Specialties
    Staffing / Recruiting
  • Pricing
  • Works Best For
    Any Sized Businesses




  • Applicant Tracking
  • Job Posting to multiple job boards
  • Human Support
  • Recruitment Automation


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