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About Job Cost Visual ContrAcct

Visual ContrAcct, by Job Cost, is a single-entry accounting system designed by certified public accountants especially for construction contractors. Currently in use by over 900 contractors, Visual ContrAcct is developed and supported by Job Cost, a company with over 37 years’ experience supporting contractors with software tailored for their specific needs. 

Visual ContrAcct helps contractors through tracking of billing and costs by customer and/or job, production of bills that conform to AIA standards, production of customer lien waivers, retention tracking, and more. Visual ContrAcct supports multiple entities, multiple worksites, and all information flows back into the central database, helping give you a fuller picture of the entirety of your operations. Better cost analysis and reporting will help reduce labor costs and increase billing accuracy. Visual ContrAcct helps keep track of original estimates, change orders, current estimates, actual job-to-date, and balance-to-complete, so you’ll always know the precise state of every project. 

We recommend Visual ContrAcct to any contractor looking for a simple, yet powerful solution to managing their accounting and financial processes. 

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