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Product Quick Facts

Industry Specialties
Consumer Brands, Social Commerce
Works Best For
Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About JiveX

Founded in 2001, Jive Software is a software company headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. In December of 2011, the company went public on the NASDAQ with an IPO that raised over $160 million. Their current CEO, Tony Zingale, was ranked #35 on BusinessInsider’s “Silicon Valley 100” list in 2012. Currently, the company creates software solutions for businesses, and primarily focuses on social business software and apps. Jive platforms are utilized by companies around the world including Cisco, HP, Thomson Reuters, GE, Alcatel-Lucent, T-Mobile, and Nike. Jive Software’s social community platform is called JiveX, and is based on the same principles their employee communication and collaboration platform. While the Jive platform is focused on employee communication and team collaboration, JiveX is focused on customer retention and engagement. The platform offers gamification that is built into the product. On community boards, businesses can influence user behavior with game mechanics intended to elicit a desired response. Badges can be earned and given based on tasks that are accomplished, and missions can be tailored for a specific task or user group. These missions help to drive users to specific results, with rewards once those results are reached. There are also special permissions that can be given to different users, allowing businesses to retain customers through greater interaction and relationship development. Through JiveX’s point system, community users can accumulate points through completing various tasks and missions. These points can then be redeemed in your rewards store. In addition, Jive also offers an Advanced Gamification module that can be added-on to any Jive platform. This module adds more features to the built in game mechanics, and expands on aspects such as missions, rewards, badges and competitions. With the Advanced Gamification module, companies can now set competitions and rewards geared towards a specific desired response. Custom badges and targeted missions can also be utilized, all to drive community behavior and create an engaging atmosphere for user interaction and collaboration. If you’re looking for an employee communication and collaboration platform instead of a customer social community platform, check out our review of Jive’s collaboration platform.

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