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About Jedox AG

Jedox AG provides self-service business intelligence (BI) solutions that are designed to give the end user maximum freedom. This is accomplished by offering an interface that is simple-to-use and that provides shape planning, reporting, and analysis functions without the need for extensive IT assistance. It is specifically meant to provide powerful big data analysis for individuals who do not have a lot of experience with tech.

Jedox AG offers both a free and a premium version of its BI services. The basic version provides an OLAP server, a free Excel client, imposes no limits on database sizes or numbers of users, and also allows for quick data entry due to the familiar Excel format for input. The premium version offers more feature options and integration capabilities: it is web-ready, allows for integration of SAP data, has multi-level user access controls, and GPU co-processing. The premium version also has a mobile application which functions with iOS and Android-based devices, allowing for functionality and access to data no matter where the user is.

Mitre10, the second-largest home improvement and hardware industry company in Australia, needed responsive merchandise planning to ensure that stores had the stock required. With Jedox AG, they were able to implement a solution within eight weeks, and now the company has access to calculations, consolidations, top-down scenarios and bottom-up forecasts. This allows Mitre10 to predict stock needs much more efficiently than before. 

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