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JabmoProduct Overview

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Jabmo product overview

Jabmo provides account-based marketing (ABM) technology and advertising solutions for B2B marketing teams to grow reach, engagement, and revenue with key accounts. The solution allows marketers to reach target accounts without restrictions on location or language while remaining compliant with international privacy regulations.

The platform uses a focused IP-based approach to B2B digital marketing where users select a targeted group of prospective accounts at the outset, utilize an omnichannel marketing strategy, and align with sales to turn targeted prospects into customers. It eliminates ‘wide nets’ that historically yield disappointing results. It also gets rid of fragmented deployment of resources and sales miscommunications that hinder the goal of driving revenue to brands.

Jabmo allows marketers to align marketing and sales teams around high-priority accounts and alert sales teams with actionable insights. It brings an unfiltered view of how key accounts engage with marketing content across websites, display ads, email, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, and Instagram worldwide. By combining omnichannel advertising, expert Managed Services teams, and a strategic suite of Sales Enablement tools, the Jabmo platform is ideal for large global enterprises with complex sales cycles.

Pros of Jabmo

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  • It identifies the key accounts that matter most to the marketers’ bottom line – and analyzes their current level of engagement with the team’s marketing efforts.
  • It follows universal brand safety guidelines that ensure the ads will never be served on websites appearing on industry-standard, regularly-updated blacklists.

Cons of Jabmo

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  • According to users, the platform doesn’t address international accounts effectively.

Breakdown of core features

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Account scoring

Jabmo’s account scoring allows organizations to de-anonymize web traffic, identify the companies visiting the website, and score them. Marketing teams can prioritize the accounts worthy of the next marketing or sales action. The system tracks different visitor site activities and interactions, evaluates the accounts, and allocates a score between 0 and 100 to each account based on various activities.

Analytics dashboard

The Key Account Analytics Dashboard provides a single view of important accounts to help marketers manage their omnichannel account-based marketing. It consolidates crucial account engagements from all integrated sources. This dashboard supports integrations with marketing and advertising platforms, giving a unified view of engagements and activities.

Website tracking tag

Jabmo Tracking Tag, also known as Pixel, is a JavaScript code snippet that enables the software to track website visitors and identify which companies or accounts they work for. Pixel powers account-based analytics in the platform. The quality of company identification and analytics depends directly on the quality of the tag implementation. Marketing teams can use Jabmo Pixel on all major browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox. Internet Explorer (IE), however, doesn’t support this feature.

Sales email alerts

Sales Email Alerts let B2B marketing organizations determine which of their key accounts show buying intent and uncover known/unknown buying group members within these accounts. These alerts are from first-party intent data generated by the customer’s account-based marketing programs. They allow sales representatives to prioritize and focus on target accounts that matter. Additionally, Sales Email Alerts contain engagement activity details for the target account assigned to a particular sales user. Alerts can be triggered by target account activity surges or scheduled to be sent weekly as a report for all target accounts.

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  • Website tracking tag
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Email alerts
  • Account scoring
  • Chat
  • Account sensing
  • Ad building
  • Marketing automation
  • Scheduled reports
  • Omnichannel analytics


  • LinkedIn Analytics
  • Meta
  • Salesforce
  • ON24
  • Eloqua
  • HubSpot
  • Pardot
  • Marketo
  • SendGrid
  • API integrations


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