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About CitiXsys iVend

CitiXsys provides Point-of-Sale (POS) software solutions to retail customers with its cutting-edge iVend Retail software. The company serves more than 4,000 customers, ranging from retail to wholesale, across more than 45 countries. Their products center on retail management solutions, but the company has gained fame for sales and quality. It has won awards for both, including the ISV Solution Partner Quality Excellence Award from SAP America. While the company is headquartered in New York, it has offices around the world. With a wide array of experts, CitiXsys produces individual and cross-industry solutions for wholesale and retail clients everywhere.

The iVend POS software was built in response to a changing retail environment. Now, more than ever, store-owners need reliable, fast retail management systems. With the iVend POS software, retailers can speed up the checkout process, increase the number of visitors served and cross promote with the touch of a button. When a customer makes a purchase, additional offers appear that can help increase the size and breadth of the sale. The iVend POS also works as inventory control software. Take a worldwide view of the retail chain to find out where inventory needs to be restocked and to ensure total visibility.

Best of all, mobile point of sale software allows for quick expansion. Whether you are a small company looking to grow or a large company that values seasonal expansion, the ability to create mobile POS stations makes this POS software a key to future success.

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