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iPerceptions has been helping businesses with web analytics and customer experience management since 1999. iPerceptions’ customer relations experts, technology specialists, diligent researchers, and experienced leaders collaborate to provide the company’s award-winning products and services.

The team at iPerceptions employs a four step process in customer experience management through web analytics to access, aggregate, and apply data in meaningful ways. The information they collect extends beyond site visits and referring site information; iPerceptions’ product helps to determine what the customers actually think as they use a website. First, they determine what areas of research will most benefit a company. Second, they determine at what point in the experience the user forms an opinion about the company. Third, they discover ways to grab a customer’s attention in a specific environment. Fourth, they use data retrieved from the voice of customer module to form actionable steps that can truly help the company. Their services can globally track data in real-time, which means no task is too large for iPerceptions. The software integrates seamlessly with other data sources and forms of web analytic software, and they let clients customize the interface to suit each users’ specific needs.

The benefits of iPerceptions’ comprehensive solutions allow businesses to focus their efforts in areas they know will optimize customer care and increase retention. The analytics provided by the software are an important method of measuring marketing effectiveness. Customer experience management through web analytics from iPerceptions has benefited many global-scale clients, notably including Mercedes-Benz USA. When the automaker updated their website in 2013, they perceived something was wrong with the user experience. By implementing iPerception’s software with the voice of customer module, they were able to pinpoint the problem almost immediately. The issue was fixed by the next day. Real-time insights like this make iPerceptions’ customer support systems an invaluable asset for businesses.

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