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About INX +TMX

INX +TMX is a mass travel booking tool solution allowing travel administrators to book large numbers of flights automatically rather than manually, resulting in major cost saving and process improvement. Rather than producing a flight manifest manually sent to a Travel Management Company (TMC) to make flight bookings, administrators use INX +TMX to book the flights themselves in a closed-loop integration that also reduces the amount of money spent on transaction fees and the administration burden with FIFO and roster management.

The integration with  INX InFlight allows for the management of individual and group travel requirements across rosters, travel, and accommodation, while INX + TMX closes the loop by allowing the same Administrators to book live commercial flights in the same process. The INX + TMX integration with Serko’s Mass Booking Tool means Administrators can identify and book all of their commercial flights and have them confirmed in minutes with the click of a button.  Serko ensures all flight bookings are made according to company travel policy. With strict adherence to airline and airfare preferences, Serko guarantees policy compliance, saving money. INX + TMX moves travel bookings to ‘online’ bookings, reducing Travel Management Company (TMC) costs and gives Administrators full control over the booking process. With INX +TMX, commercial flight data stored on TMC itineraries is automatically pulled into INX InFlight. The flight details and individual travel records can then be viewed by employees and contractors in real time both through their login or on the go using INX InFlight Mobile.

Key features of  INX +TMX are: Perform ad hoc bookings, automatically update INX InFlight, align with company rules, simple flight selection view, the capture of booking preferences, automation of booking requests, automated profile updates, integration with Serko, integration with INX, push notifications to mobile.

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(Last updated on 06/26/2018)

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