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About INX InHealth

INX InHealth is a cloud-based medical software that manages employee health and occupational hygiene management through an electronic platform. INX InHealth is a secure web application, which allows management to effectively identify health hazards in the workplace. Through scheduling evaluations, tracking results, and collecting and analyzing employee health data, INX InHealth helps businesses to manage medical surveillance and occupational hygiene programs. 

With INX InHealth, users can ensure a healthier workforce and safer environment by profiling the workforce into Similar Exposure Groups (SEGs). Users can capture a wide range of information, including workforce makeup and common activities, sampling quotas and results, exposure risk assessment outcomes, sampling statistics, and general documentation. HR personnel can manage health evaluation forms through a comprehensive form building and configuration tool. INX InHealth provides users with a seamless way to transform hard copy medical forms to a digital format. Detailed business rules can also be applied to form fields to control the way forms are populated.

With INX InHealth, users can manage and keep track of employee medical surveillance and capture medical assessments, such as pre-employment medicals, routine medical screening, drug and alcohol testing, exit medicals, and more. Each type can be designed, scheduled, and tracked to determine an employee’s fitness for work.

INX InHealth key features include SEG register, clinic activity and bookings, exposure risk assessments, sampling register, sampling quota tracking, medical surveillance, evaluation forms, occupational workforce management, exposure limits and notifications, lab integration, complete audit trail, and reports and graphs. 

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