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About Intertec iSuChaMa

Founded in 1991, Intertec Systems provides the latest technology solutions. It was recently nominated by Cisco for Best Global Commercial Partner, and it was recognized by Infor as the best enterprise asset management (EAM) growth partner in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, and has received several other awards. It is headquartered in Dubai.

Intertec’s iSuChaMa is supply chain management (SCM) software and is deployed as software-as-a-service. It is compatible with Windows. iSuChaMa¬†is an integrated solution helping manufacturers and distributors to develop reliable forecasting to manage stock and create optimal production scheduling, while managing warehouse efforts and transportation needs. This supply chain management software is an ideal tool for today’s rapidly changing environment, providing its users with the competitive edge of offering products and services rapidly. To meet these increasing demands, it is important that supply chain processes operate as a chain and not as a series of separate business transactions. iSuChaMa keeps on eye on profitability while managing inventory management objectives. This inventory management software will promote revenue growth and inventory reduction. It’s a flexible system that fits with customer-established priorities. It also facilitates adaptation when market conditions change, such as changes in raw material supplies or seasonal demands. Managers can now plan production according to actual sales patterns. This software also assists management in identifying bottlenecks in the supply chain. The solutions provided by iSuChaMa inventory management software will help businesses meet their goals as well as expand and adapt for the future.

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