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InterGuardProduct Overview

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InterGuard product overview

InterGuard is a remote employee monitoring solution that records and displays all employee activity on various devices, including PC, virtual desktops, Mac, Chromebook, Android, or iPhones, in a straightforward web interface. It offers on-premise and SaaS-based services available for businesses of any size.

The software lets organizations document and track employee computer activity, giving metrics on workforce productivity and employee active vs. idle time. Whether the team works from the office or from home, managers will know if they are working hard or hardly working. InterGuard gives businesses insight and details regarding employee activities on and off the network to make sure they are productive, staying in alignment with the guidelines of company policies and procedures in a comprehensive yet manageable environment.

Pros of InterGuard

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  • It gives real-time alerts when an employee performs a risky action from their cell phone. InterGuard sends notifications about unusual or anomalous behavior, policy violations, or when an employee types a risky keyword in a message or email.
  • It provides visibility into web-based activities and collects internet activity data from registered devices. Organizations can find out what sites employees or students are browsing. Additionally, its web filtering feature prevents users from visiting entire categories of web pages that are illegal, inappropriate, or otherwise unrelated to the company goals.

Cons of InterGuard

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  • The system sometimes provides inaccurate information and flags false positives.
  • Users found the platform to be difficult to navigate.

Breakdown of core features

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Remote monitoring

InterGuard enables businesses to track all employees’ activity from any endpoint, including staff working from home. As a result, companies can proactively identify which employees are being productive and how much time they spend idle. Admins can also set up suspicious behavior alerts and get a remote view of the employee’s desktop. The platform lets managers check when work-from-home employees start and end their days.

Social media monitoring

Organizations can keep an eye on their employees’ use of social media during work hours with InterGuard. Its social media monitoring feature allows businesses to create a fair, productive professional environment where each employee is accountable for carrying their workload. Admins can set Employee Social Monitoring policies by groups, departments, or individual users. For example, spending hours on Twitter might be fine for the marketing department but unacceptable for the sales team.

Time tracking

InterGuard automatically records employee computer and phone activity and delivers simple reports on attendance and hours worked. It also tracks the time employees spend on productive websites and apps versus non-work-related activities. Managers can get an at-a-glance overview of all employees and immediately spot problems. They can also drill down into any employee for detailed time and productivity metrics.

Real-time file activity monitoring

The File Activity Tracking feature monitors everything that happens on the employee’s endpoint rather than being a network/file-based solution. It ensures continuous tracking of file activity despite an employee’s network disconnection. Managers can receive automatic email alerts triggered by pre-determined file activities and review each flagged alert within the context of the user’s activity session to determine if there’s a threat. InterGuard streamlines setting different file tracking policies according to the risk level of the team, group, or individual.

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  • Employee Monitoring
  • Computer Monitoring
  • Web Filtering
  • Employee Cell Phone Monitoring
  • Chromebook Monitoring
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Endpoint Lockdown and Data Retrieval
  • Insider Threat Detection
  • Alerts
  • Video Playback and Screenshots
  • Time Tracking and Attendance
  • Email Monitoring
  • File Activity Monitoring
  • Internet Usage Monitoring
  • Keylogger/Keystroke Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring


  • Azure AD
  • VMware
  • Citrix


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