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Integrity electronic medical records (EMR) is one of the leading web-based solutions for optometrists and ophthalmologists. Dr. Kyle Smith, creator of Integrity EMR, utilized his 20 plus years of experience to create a system with simple integration and a workflow that eyes doctors can easily understand.

Integrity EMR for Eyes was created to “think the way eye doctors think.” This starts with the individual dashboards for every employee in the office that provide information on all patient-related daily activity. Messaging and tasks modules allow team members to send and receive confidential information from within the application. The history module within the Integrity EHR system automatically documents the patient’s main complaint and related history based on comprehensive items in a pick list. The IntegriVIEW module for viewing, managing, and interpreting images and the IntegriDRAW drawing application let users seamlessly record and interact with patient files for more in depth reporting and analysis. In addition, the Integrity EMR system is customizable to your practice, with impression and plan functionality that lets you adapt to the types of diagnosis and treatment plans you encounter most often. The coding module automatically generates coding suggestions based on your documentation to maximize reimbursements.

Integrity made its system with the eye doctor’s needs in mind. No two practices are the same, meaning each practice has different needs and wants from its EMR software. Dr. Smith’s experience with “customizable” systems was one of frustration and hours and unnecessary tinkering. To remedy this inconvenience, Integrity EMR has created their system to be “configurable,” meaning users with no technological experience can efficiently create a system fit for their practice by answering simple questions related to practice information.

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