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Computer and Technology, Healthcare, VAR / VAD / System Integrator
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Any Sized Businesses

About Integrator

Integrator is a business intelligence data integration service from Etlworks that manages data behind the corporate firewall. Integrator is an all-in-one cloud service for data integration projects, regardless of data location, format and volume.

Users can create very complex data integration scenarios, right in the browser, using the drag and drop interface. Integrator is an Enterprise Service Bus, so users can build data integration APIs. Integrator supports unique data integration scenarios, such as database change replication, HL7 transformations, and direct data upload into the online data-warehouses, such as Snowflake. 

Export data from relational databases, cloud data sources, public and private APIs to CSV, XML, JSON, PDF and Excel files, downloaded locally or saved to cloud file storage. If a database or service is behind the firewall, Etlworks can install a small, zero-maintenance integration agent which will push data to the cloud. Integrator allows users to select from multiple of built-in common data integration scenarios such as export, import, data replication, backup and many others. Integrator can host and manage a solution through cloud-based enterprises, or install it on a hardware and provide full desktop control. 

Etlworks offers multiple subscription plans. Plans are based on how much data will be moved every day; how many scheduled packages are required and how often scheduled flows must be executed. In addition to subscription, customers can buy a license for Integrator and install it on premise. Etlworks can help with install and configure Integrator on any hardware managed.

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