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About InStyle

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in California, InStyle Software, Inc. provides logistics management software for apparel, accessories, footwear and home furnishings companies. InStyle solutions offer the most affordable yet flexible supply chain management software on the market today.

This low-cost supply chain management software system is scalable to meet future needs. Its users gain a competitive advantage by optimizing product development, improving cost and inventory management, and focusing on sales. This system can be rapidly deployed and implemented in weeks, and the configuration is flexible to suit the end user. InStyle’s supply chain management software matches the fulfillment of open sales orders against current production plans and inventory for a best-fit scenario. It addresses seasonal merchandise, classification groupings, routing, buying, overseas agent relations and other essential aspects of the industries it’s designed for. With its production order management and tracking features, invaluable insights are given to aid in decision-making and financial control. Powerful reporting features allow for a variety of reports to assist with accurate decision-making. Inventory processes are monitored, and a library of inventory management reports are available. InStyle’s logistics management software also provides powerful analytics for time-phased analysis of item trends to assist in inventory planning and replenishment. This is an excellent planning tool to accurately forecast demand and adjust production accordingly.

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