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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About Inspectlet

Inspectlet, Inc., based in Cupertino, California, specializes in web and user experience analytics. Inspectlet understands that web designers and web site visitors rarely share a similar perception of a site. This can make it difficult for the designer to understand how a visitor experiences the site. They built Inspectlet to improve the ability to understand each visitor’s unique perspective.

Inspectlet is one of the top web site heat maps. Using a JavaScript code copied and pasted to your site, Inspectlet monitors site visits in real time, relaying the information to the servers and it is compiled and presented as digestible web analytics data. The dashboard interface is robust and customizable, yet remains intuitive. The screen capture function records what’s taking place on each visit, monitoring mouse movements, keystrokes, scrolling, and clicks. Research indicates that eye and mouse movements are correlated, so this allows you to determine what your site’s visitors are viewing with greater specificity. With two different methods of screen capture, Inspectlet can work with even the most complicated sites.

With Inspectlet’s state-of-the art filtering abilities, users can identify the specific visitors they want to track and monitor. It also features a funnel analysis tool that can show you how and when interactions took place, for example, funnel analysis can determine which visitors added something to a cart, but did not complete checkout. Users can specify which visitors to view by filtering for various actions, such as those that pressed the play button on a video. Inspectlet is an excellent web site heat map and analytics platform.

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