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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About Blue Sky Insight

Insight is a product of Blue Sky Technologies, a company that provides business intelligence solutions for corporations in the supply chain, healthcare, retail and financial industries. Founded in 2003, Blue Sky Technologies is headquartered in Plano, Texas, and has offices in Austin, Charlotte and New York.

Used by numerous companies around the world, Insight inventory management software streamlines supply chain management in order to increase organizational efficiency. The program does this by continuously processing vast quantities of data into practical and useful information and then presenting those results in real-time through easy-to-understand displays and alerts. By delivering this essential information to key decision makers as it is collected, the supply chain management software prevents such problems as out-of-stock products, idle workers and bottlenecks. Fully customizable, Insight can focus on whatever metrics the business deems most beneficial and can work with whatever data collection system the company already has in place. In this way, Insight enhances all aspects of supply chain management, including network optimization, order management, fleet management and logistics.

Among the many large corporations that have successfully implemented this inventory control software is the office supply giant Staples, which installed large displays of Insight’s real-time information throughout the organization. With these displays, as well as the detailed analysis made possible through Insight’s dashboards and gauges, Staples improved its productivity by 11 percent.

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