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InLoox, Inc. is a US company located in San Francisco, California, and Munich, Germany. InLoox operates on five continents and is regionally represented by the InLoox Partner Network.

Their flagship product is InLoox PM, an on-premise project management software solution integrated in Microsoft Outlook. For smaller businesses that lack their own IT-infrastructure, InLoox now!, the SaaS solution, is ideal. InLoox’s mission is to provide software to extend and improve Microsoft’s Outlook and Exchange Server products. InLoox software products are used by over 2,500 companies worldwide including Verizon Wireless, HP, SEAT S.A., US Airways, and Siemens. The core business of InLoox is the sale of software licenses and related services.

The InLoox project management software solution provides a significant advantage over many other project management packages because its aim from the very beginning has been to facilitate interaction with and extend the capabilities of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server. The obvious benefit to the user is the leveraging of existing software investments and user skill sets.

InLoox comes in two versions: InLoox for Outlook, tailored to Office and Office 365, and InLoox Web App for online project management, which performs flawlessly on all four major browsers: Chrome, IE, Firefox and Safari. Combined, InLoox works across devices, and can be used on Windows or iOS. Key components of the product are project planning with mind maps and Gantt charts, task management in Kanban boards or list view, time tracking, document management and sharing, and budgeting. The project planning tools are visually enabled, leveraging your Microsoft Office skills. Time tracking can be done as you go, providing simple and continuous documentation of projects. With the document management tools new and existing documents can be easily interlinked, easing relevant document retrieval. The budget tools allow efficient and easy budget creation, and graphic tools make it a snap to get a bird’s eye view. InLoox Web App enables online project management, but in other respects provides the same functionality as InLoox for Outlook. The two platforms synchronize in real time providing accurate and up to date project data for project managers and teams on the go.

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