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InLooxProduct Overview

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InLoox product overview

InLoox is a fully-featured software solution for professional project management in Microsoft Outlook, on the web, and on smart devices. The software facilitates the combined management of projects, teams and tasks, documents, resources, mind maps, and budgets.

The Outlook integration makes InLoox the central platform for project and day-to-day business. Project managers, teams, and decision-makers can rely on InLoox’s planning, controlling, and monitoring functions. When on the go, users can rely on the InLoox Web App. It runs on any major browser and offers the same project and task management functionalities while fully synchronizing with Outlook and the mobile app for up-to-date project data.

Within the app, users can upload documents and assign tasks, as well as track their project times and book them to project tasks. Create tasks in InLoox’s mobile app, assign them to projects and other team members. When tasks are marked as complete, the team is informed of the progress immediately. You can add task notes and communicate with the team. Avoid email ping pong and always collaborate within the project context. You can even work on your tasks offline–as soon as you’re connected to the internet again, the data will automatically synchronize across all devices.

Pros of InLoox

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InLoox offers users a wide variety of features for project managers as well as project teams. InLoox facilitates the management of projects, tasks, resources, documents, and budgets from project initiation to project completion. The result is a seamless and traceable process from brainstorming, idea generation, time and budget planning to implementation and follow-up.

Cons of InLoox

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Users looking for a tool to manage their project portfolio will be disappointed. While the solution offers some multi-project management features such as project groups, dashboards, and other cross-project features, it doesn’t support project portfolio management features. While dashboards are available in the Outlook and web product, only the Outlook-integrated solution supports project groups. So if you want to work with that feature, you will have to get InLoox for Outlook.

Breakdown of core features

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Task management

InLoox facilitates project work while also organizing your daily workload. You can organize your daily to-dos in personal tasks without having to create a project or project plan as well as organize project tasks in a customizable virtual Kanban board. All team members see at a glance which tasks are pending, which are in progress, and which are already done. Users can leave a comment on a task. Project team members can keep their project manager up to date while project managers can use the task comments to leave feedback and work instructions for the team. It’s also possible to link documents and lists to the task. Tasks can be assigned to activities in the project plan and are in sync with the project schedule. The project’s progress updates itself automatically as soon as a task is completed. The Outlook integration allows users to create a new task from an email–all without leaving the Outlook email view. This accelerates your project workflows and helps you work more efficiently.

Project planning with Gantt charts

The InLoox Gantt chart view helps you get a visual overview of your project roadmap. InLoox adapts to your project planning methods: You can plan projects traditionally with a waterfall diagram, agile or use a hybrid method. The InLoox planning feature enables you to plan simple projects and also map complex projects with dependencies, constraints, and different working time calendars. When creating a project plan, you can add individual holiday and working time calendars to incorporate different working time models such as shift or part-time work. InLoox takes these times into account for the project scheduling and adjusts the project elements automatically. Multi-project management is also possible with InLoox. You can link project plans of two or more interdependent projects. This allows you to see dependencies between the projects and identify and prevent bottlenecks in your resource allocation. You can save time by creating project planning templates which include important information such as tasks and resources. You can export these templates and share them with others or import templates into InLoox.

Outlook synchronization

InLoox for Outlook interlinks tasks, appointments, email, and contacts in Microsoft Outlook directly with relevant project information. InLoox automatically synchronizes important information in the background. You can create an InLoox task, file an email, and track your time from anywhere in Outlook. Turn emails into tasks via the Outlook ribbon or drag the mail directly into the Kanban board of a project to create a project task quickly. It’s also possible to file a document via the ribbon or drag and drop. You can also use the One-Click feature to create a project task or document out of an email. The One-Click feature even allows you to create a new project out of an email without having to leave your email view. You can easily turn calendar entries into project tasks and/or time tracking entries — directly from the Outlook Calendar. You don’t have to manage two address books. InLoox uses your Outlook contacts directly for your projects and you (or your systems admin) can manage the address book centrally.

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  • Kanban boards
  • Gantt charts
  • Mindmaps
  • Dashboards
  • Budgets
  • Reporting
  • Time tracking
  • Resource allocation
  • Workload management
  • Document management
  • Checklists
  • Multi-project calendar
  • Multi-project history
  • Project approval workflow
  • Project chat


  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Sharepoint
  • Sharepoint Online
  • OneDrive for Business

Pricing Model

  • PM Personal/ Personal Plus (on premise)
  • Workgroup Server (on premise)
  • Enterprise Server (on premise)
  • Now! Starter (SaaS)
  • Now! Professional (SaaS)
  • Now! Enterprise (SaaS)


  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish