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About BCS Infiniti

Butler Commerce Solutions (BCS) has been developing warehouse management systems (WMS) and software, like Infiniti,¬†since 1985. Since then, they have spent their time researching, creating and marketing their services to wholesale manufacturers. When a company needs business intelligence software to help manage wholesale distribution, BCS is there to help. They handle everything from installation to ongoing support, and everything in between. No matter the size of the client’s operation, BCS analyzes the need and develops a solution that fits. Their wholesale distribution software serves multiple roles, from warehouse intelligence to supply chain management.

BCS offers reliable warehouse management solutions to companies specializing in wholesale distribution. Clients who use the BCS warehouse and supply chain management (SCM) system, called Infiniti, notice immediate results. Barcodes are one of the fundamentals of any wholesale distribution operation, but only a portion of the solution. Infiniti uses wireless networks to monitor material resources. This means that, in addition to functioning as basic warehouse management, the platform can also take the place of inventory management software. It tracks picking and packing, as well. When an order is placed, the fulfillment process begins automatically. Rely on BCS to help automate these functions, increasing supply chain efficiency at the start of the process. Internal product management processes can also be automated. Use this warehouse management system to track transfers and cycle counts ahead of time.

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