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InferProduct Overview

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Infer product overview

Infer is artificial intelligence (AI) SaaS platform that uses machine learning to optimize and expand sales and marketing funnels, rapidly identify promising prospects, build hyper-targeted segments, and personalize outreach at scale. As a result, businesses get significantly increased conversion rates on inbound and outbound campaigns. It analyzes demographic, geographic, and behavioral data to transmit real-time opportunity analytics to teams. Deep data insights such as these reveal a grade, priority, fit, and segment — all of which are used for scoring each lead. These are all critical insights to consider when managing a portfolio of customers, leads, and contacts.

Pros of Infer

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  • It automatically predicts who is in-market and ready to buy, helping reps close bigger deals faster.
  • By segmenting and targeting prospects more accurately, it provides higher quality MQLs at an improved ROI.

Cons of Infer

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  • It doesn’t have native mobile apps.

Breakdown of core features

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Profile management

Infer scores large amounts of inbound leads, contacts, and accounts in real-time. However, its profile management goes beyond scoring. It properly segments and targets prospects across multiple databases using the data cloud. It lets marketing teams generate their ideal customer profiles based on the attributes of their top customers and proprietary external signals.

Data signals

The platform pulls in and mines historical customer signals from CRM, marketing automation, or other data sources the business uses. It then augments gathered information by crawling the web, purchasing data, and inferring signals from raw data about an individual and the organization they work for. These details include website traffic, relevant job postings, patent filings, and social presence. Infer collects thousands of insights about each prospect. It applies deep data science techniques to these data points across the board, from matching company records to the correct external signals to cleaning up data quality and handling data issues.

Predictive behavior scoring

Infer’s behavior scoring boosts sales and marketing efficiency. It empowers marketing teams to prioritize new leads and create sales service level agreements (SLAs) applicable for different stages of the buying journey. It also allows them to monitor leads in their nurture database to send prospects back to sales as soon as they re-engage. Moreover, the software enables outbound sales teams to surface actively engaged accounts and contacts likely to buy.

(Last updated on 07/20/2022 by Liz Laurente-Ticong)

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  • Profile Management
  • Predictive Lead Generation
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Data Append and Enrichment
  • Predictive Scoring
  • Predictive Behavior Scoring
  • Account Based Marketing


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  • WordPress
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