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About iMedicWare

iMedicWare is a software company that produces medical software for various different specialties and uses.  They currently offer solutions for ophthalmology, surgery, optical services, practice management, patient management and more.  Their iDOC software provides clinical record keeping and electronic practice management solutions.  With iDOC, practitioners can e-prescribe directly through the system, reducing the time necessary to transmit prescriptions from the office to the pharmacy.  The platform also provides offices with a patient portal to increase engagement between doctors and patients.

The entire system is cloud-based and available through a browser, so any internet enabled device can access the platform.  iDOC is designed for ophthalmologists, and was created with the help of practicing ophthalmologists.  As a result, the platform is uniquely tailored to the workflow and needs of ophthalmology practices.  Charting is made easy with the inclusion of “smart phrases”, which can autofill to complete commonly used phrases.  In addition, the platform scans charts after completion and suggests the most appropriate code for each item listed.  And with iDOC, interoperability is more fluid with HL7 language support.

Another one of the main products offered by iMedicWare is SxEMR, an electronic medical records (EMR) solution designed for ambulatory surgery centers.  SxEMR provides practitioners and surgeons with all of the standard features that are expected from an EMR including scheduling, dashboards, charting, reporting, and mobile compatibility.  What makes SxEMR different though, is that all the EMR features are tailored for use by surgery centers.  Custom reports and discharge instructions can be generated upon the release of a patient, and complete patient interactions are kept with the patient records.  Practitioners are able to create reports operative reports based on custom-chosen fields, providing a more in-depth view of  that are most important to each practice.  All iMedicWare products are Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified and fully HIPAA compliant.

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