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About IdeaLab

IdeaLab is an idea management system that gives you the power to make decisions through building a collaborative community of feedback. Developed by Collective Innovation, a Portland, Oregon-area software firm specializing in crowdsourcing, machine learning, and performance management, IdeaLab can help deliver better, faster decisions. 

Companies use IdeaLab publicly to engage with consumers and elicit ideas or feedback, or internally to encourage team-wide participation in problem, solution, and opportunity identification. It’s  not limited to text; some companies have locations serve as ideas, allowing customers to identify new store locations, or engage with local communities to identify specific areas of opportunity. One unique feature is the IdeaLab Instant Poll. This one-of-a-kind system helps you achieve actionable consensus on new product ideas, designs, names, or etc. Input the options, select a distribution list, and IdeaLab sends a one-click email survey, delivering your results within 48 hours; IdeaLab Instant Poll makes it just as easy for 100,000 employee company to achieve consensus as quickly and easily as a 10-person startup. 

We recommend IdeaLab to any business looking to expand their idea sources, or who want better feedback from customers/employees. It’s especially suited to firms looking to reduce time spent in meetings. 

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