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About Ideal Analytics

Ideal Analytics, based in Paris, France and Kolkata, India, develops an eponymous self-service business intelligence tool available as both SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and via a traditional, on-premise delivery. Ideal Analytics enables real-time, ad-hoc analysis with smart data discovery options. Quickly and easily connect it to various data sources for immediate combined analysis. Ideal Analytics can be accessed across devices via a simple web browser interface. Designed with executive reporting and real-time monitoring, Ideal Analytics gives stakeholders a 360-degree view of their data along, and various visualization capabilities. Ideal Analytics is a great way to collaborate with partners or other users outside the organization —  dashboards can be shared via URL, creating what Ideal Analytics calls “Live Documents,” which are both interactive and updated in real-time.

Delivered through various partner organizations doing business around the world, Ideal Analytics also powers various white-labeled data analysis applications for sales optimization, marketing strategy, financial accounting, and many more solutions. 

Users choose Ideal Analytics for several reasons; they offer several value propositions, particularly for small-to-medium enterprises, including:

Smart Data Discovery – Ideal Analytics enables non-technical business users to frame their questions and receive immediate answers, anytime, anywhere through any connected platform

Prescriptive Analytics – Ideal Analytics monitors user interactions continuously providing business insights, exceptions, and proactively offering business guidance

Plug-and-Play – Ideal Analytics has ready connectors to heterogeneous data sources – internal and external [public, social and market] and works with large volumes of data

Flexible Delivery  – Ideal Analytics has flexible deployment options [on-premise / in-house, private / public cloud] and can go-live in minutes or hours with little to no IT intervention

Ideal Analytics serves global organizations, including customers like VMware, Allianz, Adobe, and Serco. Ideal Analytics has a presence across various industry verticals, including – BFSI, Healthcare, Logistics, Marketing and Sales, Finance HR and Distribution. They also have notable OEM partners like, Atmio, and Medi-Code.

We recommend Ideal Analytics any business looking to harness the power of big data, but particularly small-to-medium organizations doing business in Europe, India, and/or Asia needing a data analytics platform or partnership. They’re a good fit for organizations with little to no IT resources, as the self-service nature of the platform makes it intuitive and quick to implement. Not sure if Ideal Analytics is the right business intelligence solution for your company? Call, click, or email to speak with an unbiased Technology Advisor for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation on your unique requirements. 

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