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About ICANotes

ICANotes was founded 15 years ago by a clinical psychiatrist who was looking for an efficient electronic health record system for the behavioral field.  The platform has evolved from its original design and now covers many different areas within practice management including billing, e-prescribing, and office scheduling.  ICANotes helps practitioners by providing an intuitive platform that requires a minimal amount of typing during an appointment to allow for the maximum amount of patient interaction.  Patient charts that are created automatically code to the highest appropriate level to allow for maximum reimbursement.  Charts can be customized or started on a pre-built template.  Each chart and template is arranged with advice from clinical practitioners, enabling the workflow to be intuitive and natural for the behavioral field.  Customizable template buttons allows a user to auto-populate clinically appropriate words or phrases to limit the amount of typing that is needed during an exam.  Coding in the program is based on the buttons and actions that are taken on a chart, and a user can always view the coding page to see in real-time exactly what is being credited throughout the examination.  One the chart is complete, ICANotes automatically determines what the highest appropriate billing code is.

In addition to the charting and billing features, ICANotes also comes with as scheduling function allowing office staff to easily schedule, edit, and move appointments and exams.  Schedules can be customized and viewed based on time, doctor, or patient, and reports based on patient appointment history can be generated.  Built-in e-prescribing allows office staff to easily send complete prescriptions to any pharmacy immediately after an appointment.  The platform includes tools for decision support for current drug alerts and potential drug interactions.  This e-prescribing feature is available as an add-on module.  ICANotes provides a well-rounded EHR platform with robust charting features, tailored for the behavioral health field.

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