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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About IASO

IASO provides cloud-based backup, recovery, and storage solutions specializing in meeting the cloud storage and backup needs of multiple industries including telecommunications, hosting, and information technology. IASO’s services appeal to companies looking for customizable, secure, and scalable cloud solutions to safeguard sensitive corporate information from loss or damage.


IASO’s service plans provide customized cloud solutions for small and medium-sized businesses including hosting companies and IT administrators. Features included with IASO’s platform include disaster recovery, virtualized backup, and archiving via the cloud. IASO is cross-platform compatible and works with Windows, OS X and Linux. Additionally, IASO is compatible with Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Hyper-V, SQL Server, MySQL, VMWare, and Oracle. The platform protects against duplication by only backing up altered data, reducing the amount of storage needed. The company features enhanced security with the use of private encryption keys and allows the user control over which information is backed up and where. IASO’s services can be used as a branded service by companies, helping businesses increase their client base and revenue.


IASO appeals to businesses that require reliable, secure, and cost-effective cloud solutions. IASO’s services are scalable, leaving businesses room for growth while providing consistent service. As one of IASO’s earlier customers, the Louwman Group needed cloud-based backup and recovery services capable of effectively securing and storing their data. As one of the largest distributors of automobiles in Europe, the Louwman Group benefitted from IASO’s services which streamlined their ability to safely backup and store information in the cloud.

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