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About Hurrah! Leaderboard

Hurrah! Leaderboard® is a new way of inspiring a culture of success for individuals and teams within an organization, as well as a way of acknowledging their accomplishments. It is a web-based application that draws data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM and allows the display of performance indicators or sales teams’, marketing or customer service teams’ metrics in a clear and visually appealing style on the workstation or on the big screen TVs.

The solution showcases the display of valuable information in the sales or support areas of the organization, for the purposes of highlighting the commercial performance of individuals, teams, or the entire company.

The information is transmitted in real time and presented using images, sounds and videos that can be customized to adapt to the company’s culture and general style.

Whether paired with CRMGamified®or utilized as a standalone product, Hurrah! Leaderboard® is a powerful and unique way to create a winning business culture.

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