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About Wealden HRPeople

Wealden Computing Services Ltd. has been serving the business community for more than 20 years. They provide human resource management software to a variety of business customers, ranging from large to small. Since the beginning, the company has focused on providing a full suite of solutions for companies with evolving needs. With the help of their software, clients can find and retain talent, train growing workforces and maintain effective payroll solutions.

Wealden develops and supports a well-respected recruitment management software. This system collects and sorts applicants and, with the click of a button, sends resumes to hiring managers who request them. It offers workforce management software, too. When a field manager needs an hour report for a specific employee, your HR professional can find and submit the information in minutes. Wealden even offers payroll solutions. Keep all of your payroll accounting information in one place to maximize efficiency and reduce waste. Whether it’s payroll, workforce management or recruitment, all of these functions work in the same human resources management software. With all of these features in one comprehensive piece of software, companies can choose how to best implement the system. Wealden’s HR software can be implemented all-at-once or in conjunction with an existing software environment. Request your own Wealden quote for more information about how the company can work with your specific needs.

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