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About BiznusSoft HRMSSoft

BiznusSoft is a software-as-a-service provider founded in 2012. BiznusSoft is based in Chicago with offices in Baltimore and India. It owns HRMSSoft, a web-based human capital management software focusing on employee development, recruitment and payroll.

HRMSSoft offers complete human capital management in the Cloud, including talent, organization, time and expense, benefits, and absence management, to name just a few. It has a variety of modules. The Recruitment Management module has a range of features including managing profiles and applicant histories, configurable forms, and interview scheduling. The Absence Management module allows you to set up flexible schedules to ensure your goals are supported, as well as manage transfers and terminations. Payroll Management is another module providing flexible solutions. Workforce management optimizes managing assignments and time monitoring. Benefits Management encompasses life, disability, retirement, social security and health benefits. There are also tools to ensure compliance. This scalable, user-friendly human capital management software suits businesses of any size, and its fully integrated modules cover the scope of all HR-related processes. Built on the platform, users will find it familiar and user-friendly. Cloud-based deployment allows access from anywhere at any time. Additional capabilities can be added by using other technology such as Salesforce. HRMSSoft is state-of-the-art talent management software.

(Last updated on 03/21/2016)

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