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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About Vizual HRCharter

Vizual SA Group’s HRCharter is human resource management software designed to help businesses organize employee information through charts. Users can draft charts with pre-defined styles or take advantage of several customization options, like changing a chart’s background color, texture and line spacing. HRCharter complements most performance management software.

HRCharter gives managers the ability to organize employees by name, position title or rank by dragging and dropping their names in and out of charts without affecting their positions in the database. It makes organization even easier with the levelize tool, which places all employees listed at the same rank at the same level. If privacy is a concern, users can leave out important or confidential data from the chart with the ghost, hide and mask options. This way, important employee details aren’t revealed while illustrating the overall structure of the company. After finishing the chart, users may print it out in a large wall-size format for presentations, or in a standard size. Files can be exported in several formats, including Windows Enhanced Metafiles, JPEG, Portable Network Graphics formats and Bitmap.

Businesses that install this human resource management software can expect to improve internal communications, highlight HR issues and spot trends.

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