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About Complete Payroll Solutions

Complete Payroll Solutions (CPS) was founded in 2003 to serve businesses in the New England community. It develops HR solutions for more than 5,000 clients and has been dedicated to serving the community since their start. Because the company was founded by a group that had been working together long before CPS opened its doors, it’s easy to see why everyone works so well together. CPS employs about 50 people and the company is both locally and privately owned. With such high turnover at traditional payroll agencies, the team at CPS values their office environment. They understand that better customer service and effective payroll solutions are the key to repeat business.

At CPS, each HR solution is tailored to the needs of the client. Customers have 24-hour access to real-time data and can track payroll histories back through previous years, automate commonly pulled reports and handle garnishment with a single human resources management solution. CPS even provides payroll service solutions so users can automate hour tracking and keep all valuable HR information at hand. The CPS HR system is a reliable applicant tracking system and can build services that help monitor and manage talent as soon as a new resume enters the system. The system can also include customized HR solutions and is a great tool to better manage the office.

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