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About Lyris HQ

Lyris has been a leader in global marketing for over 20 years. Their company seeks to help clients engage in unique and meaningful ways with their end-users by providing state of the art technology. Today, more than 5,000 organizations and businesses around the world use software from Lyris to sync data to their marketing programs. As consumers, retailers and corporate entities continue to communicate in new and exciting ways, Lyris continues to develop easily-facilitated collaboration and new marketing methods for their clients. The company has received numerous awards for excellence, including a Best in the Biz Award in 2013 and the Silver Medal in client satisfaction from The Relevancy Ring.

Lyris’s HQ Web Analytics offers superior email marketing solutions. This digital platform allows you to maximize your efficiency and your digital presence with easy to use software that composes messages, edits lists, creates new segments and gains important insights about your campaigns. This is done by managing landing pages with real-time analytics. With HQ Web Analytics, you can also integrate social platforms using mobile and Web-based channels to connect your customers. This email marketing solution is compatible with mobile devices. Email monitoring is a breeze. The whole system is built with highly-flexible cloud software that was developed specifically for those who need a reliable email marketing solution.

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