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About HP Autonomy

HP Autonomy provides business intelligence (BI) software solutions for processing unstructured data, also referred to as human information. This data includes email, text, web pages, audio, video, social media, etc. HP Autonomy offers a range of tools for both analytics and management that allow businesses to obtain real-time insights on all types of data.

For big data, HP Autonomy offers multiple product solutions that allow businesses to build insights from data, track emerging trends, scale to big data, and integrate with Hadoop. With HP Explore, businesses can track all data related to customer interactions, including social media, call center recordings, surveys, conversations, clickstreams, and more. HP KeyView allows businesses to extract metadata, text, and other key properties from more than 1,000 different file formats. This allows you to consolidate all file data into one index. HP LiveVault protects critical data across both virtual and physical cloud environments. With 24×7 monitoring, the user can manage long-term retentions, meet legal hold supprt requirements, and improve disaster recovery readiness. Finally, HP IDOL allows businesses to derive meaning from all types of information and use those insights to create a plan of action. HP IDOL is designed for enterprise use, offers security that is proven to scale in this context, can comprehend data in over 1,000 file types, and is compatible with all systems.

The Metropolitan Police, the leading police force in the UK, used HP IDOL to improve community engagement and their response to events in the local area. With this software solution, they were able to analyze massive amounts of social media data. By detecting the sentiments expressed in comments, they could proactively respond to potential local problems.

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