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About Skillweb Houndit

Established in 1999, Skillweb, a UK company, has developed supply chain management (SCM) solutions, enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions and workflow management software. As a measure of their products’ reliability, the company’s clients call for support about once every three years. Skillweb products are available across a range of industries and they are currently used by post offices, parcel carriers and health care. Collaborating with the University of Reading and a UK National Health Service trust, Skillweb learned that an efficient means of simplifying hospitals’ administrative work can double the amount of time available for actual patient contact while also saving money and travel time. The company’s work with the transport industry entails deployment of its Houndit Enterprise product. Houndit includes a number of core modules, including a supply chain management solution which can be implemented on the cloud or on customer premises. The Houndit Core Modules include modules for collections, depot sortation, planning, reporting and interfacing. The modules can all be individually tailored and manipulated to fit various specifications for customer needs, and they can be altered to fit with various styles of internal controls and processes in order to enhance workflow management. The supply chain management solution acquires data related to individual items as they move through inventory and eventually on to delivery. Called the Houndit Depot Sortation module, this supply chain management solution also allows for consolidating multiple items into a single unit and tracking the progress of that unit at every stage, such as data capture in depot as well as during delivery. Available add-ons for this module include Fulfillment Processing and Work Station Client. The add-ons process orders and automate receipting and labeling. The Fulfillment application also includes a customs interface. Skillweb’s other products sell under the brand name SmartTask, and their functions include proof of delivery, security and patient care. Review more of the top Supply Chain Management solutions with our SmartAdvisor.

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