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About Hopskoch

Hopskoch is a trans-media marketing campaign platform where brands can create, track, and analyze users and viewers. Their collaborative platform allows marketing campaigns to be created in minutes and uses the power of gamification to incentivize user behavior. Hopskoch says they have created a set of tools that “can change the way people interact with marketing content.”

Hopskoch incorporates game mechanics into their marketing campaigns by rewarding users for clicking elements on the website. The “Webtask Mechanic” encourages users and participants to remain active on the website and engage in more content. Webtasks reward users for sharing content or watching videos. Website users have the chance to upload their own photos and engage in trivia contests. The more engaged the user is, the more rewards they earn. Engaged users can then be rewarded with points, virtual goods, or marketing offers. Hopskoch also creates location based games, which allows designers to personalize the incentives based on a user’s most frequented areas.

Hopskoch appeals to many marketing firms and large companies that want to incorporate gamification into marketing strategies. Using Hopskoch, companies easily interact with their audience through branded games and interactive site content. Many marketing companies already identify Hopskoch as a useful tool for audience engagement.

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