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About HitsLink

HitsLink, developed by the company Net Applications, is a web analytics software solution. Net Applications has provided software and services to webmasters and ecommerce businesses since 1999. The company currently serves a list of partners and affiliates numbering more than 7,000. Notable clients include Microsoft, Apple, Forbes, and Nokia. Net Applications offers businesses the choice of individually branding their product, or to simply link their sites to those of Net Applications. This latter option includes the potential for as much as a 50% commission for customer referrals. In order to emphasize the company’s practice of developing mutually beneficial partnerships, each client is assigned a representative who is available from the point of implementation to help with everyday issues.

Incorporating social, mobile, and advanced real-time web and traffic analytics, the HitsLink web analytics application covers every aspect of identifying, monitoring, and practically applying web statistics. As an example of the specific, useful data tracking abilities, consider this: HitsLink web analytics can track with specificity the number of people associated with European universities who have visited a site, or the top search terms for San Francisco-based visitors to a site, all the while keeping clients abreast of activity on their social media dashboards. HitLinks is available in three separate price levels and functionality packages to suit the different needs of individual businesses. Each incorporates a simple approach to tracking web statistics by pasting a piece of HTML code onto the pages a client wishes to track. This innovation eliminates the need for any installation of software.

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